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Greentech was created with the intent to bring cheap, reliable and qualitative solar energy to the whole population of Vanuatu. We were the first solar energy company in Vanuatu that started as a lone man in a container. Today, thanks to our amazing customers, we are proud to have a country wide solar company with two main branches that deliver in each and every islands of Vanuatu

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The biggest and oldest solar installer in Vanuatu

Greentech has installed two of the tree biggest solar fields in Vanuatu at the kawene wind farm and in the north of the island. From solar sets, to grid connected systems (on your home or business) and solar fields in vanutatu in Vanuatu, we have installed nearly 3.5 Mwh of solar power benefiting the local population.

Fight for your planet, fight for your wallet

Vanuatu laws and electricity providers now allow solar installations for self consumption while being connected to grid. You can install solar on your house or business to save on your electricty bill and help Vanuatu be the first country to ever archieve 100% renewable energy independency

Grid connected solar system Tsuker

Vanuatu's solar energy potential

The solar potential in Vanuatu is huge due to the geographical position of our country. All the solar sytems installed by Greentech for self consumption (without batteries) will be pay themselves off before three years, and we provide a warranty on our products and installation like no others in Vanuatu.

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